Swifect CUSTOM



All of our existing applications are able to be customized to fit your requirements


A customized software is the first choice when how your company does its business uniquely to the others. We understand this as most of our customers have told us many times that using ready-to-use application is easier but does not help users nor management to better improve the effectiveness and efficiency on how they run their businesses. We at Swifect, is our core-believe that our tailor-made systems are designed specifically for you and you only; making sure that every single module, feature and even the tiniest details of the user experience, are designed and tailored for you, so that everything has meaning and used to its fullest extent.

We are experienced in all kinds of businesses, and with our experience and knowledge, we will help you decide what is necessary and suitable for you. We have happy customers using our customized solutions from the following areas :

- MANUFACTURING : From home industries to large enterprises with national branches
- RETAIL : From retails with a few product variants to retails with multiple warehouses and thousands of product variants
- TRADING : From simple local B2B trades to complicated ones like importing and exporting
- SERVICES : From interior design consultants to law firm offices


We approach our custom implementations from the foundation of the following 3 main principles. These principles are applied and proven to be a success, because of its simplicity but at the same time comprehensive and easy to understand so that our team and customers are in sync for every step of the way.


The process of capturing information and being able to provide a solution for your company. For the software division, there will be a development process for the system application to comply with the company’s business process. The end result will be a Blueprint Document that both parties must agree upon before the development process begins.


The installed app will be based on the information captured and Blueprint Document during the previous step. We will conduct a compulsory training session for each user. Procedures such as a User Acceptance Testing will also be conducted to check-list and verify whether both the system and users are ready to GO-LIVE


Based on the agreement, after the system is declared GO-LIVE, on-site and remote support will be provided for an agreed duration. When the system is running, there will be a handover and training in routine or emergency maintenance procedures for the system

Data Security and Quality

Sharing data across functional silos such as customer service, sales, marketing and business development enhances collaboration throughout a company

Improved Efficiency

Along with reduced IT and training costs, an ERP can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities

Standardized Business Process

Most ERP systems are developed according to industry best practices. This allows businesses to standardize their own processes and systems, which further enhances productivity and efficiency