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A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) runs on an application server, providing internal and/or remote access to authorized users. It is designed to automate HR workflows to enhance efficiencies for both administrators and employees. The software can integrate with both internal and external systems, allowing users to scale their technology at ease when their requirements change.


An HR system, platform, application or module can be used to lean on by administrators to automate workflows and create new efficiencies in processes spanning over HR management, talent management, and payroll.

Comprehensive Master Data

Our HR System has a comprehensive employee master from personal information, history and so on.

Employee Time Management

The HR systems is able to integrate to a number of fingerprint scanners for real-time knowledge of employee absence data


Our HR systems comply with the Indonesian Depnaker standards for calculating income taxes

Privacy & Security

Salaries and wages are personal, we make sure that the data is yours and can be seen by employees who are given access


To reduce the stress load and learning curve of the HR department, we make the system easy to use

Automatic Payroll

Our systems make sure that out of all the factors that affect the salary amount is calculated quick and accurate



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